WhatsApp Gold – The Truth and What it Does.

photogrid_1474957923241WhatsApp users are being tricked into downloading Malware as WhatsApp Gold a supposed version of the app with extra features.

Many users have reported receiving messages urging them to share the link before proceeding to download the app via the WhatsApp Gold website.

The scammers or malware creator claim the gold version was only previously been available to top celebrities and have features which include the ability to send hundreds of pictures at once, video calling, new emoji, very secured security features and more mouthwatering customisation options.

The whole offer is just bullshit as their aim is when you download the program from their website, it will simply infect your phone with malware(virus) and allow scammers to steal your data and other things.

This is not the first time of this WhatsApp Gold malware message , it happened before though with another name as WhatsApp Plus.

One of he message being shared to download

One of he message being shared to download

The app is an unauthorized version and WhatsApp Inc. will ban users if their system detect WhatsApp will actually ban users if it detects this unauthorized version on their phone.

WhatsApp Inc FAQ Warning

WhatsApp Inc issue the answer on their Frequently Ask Question Section on that “WhatsApp Gold or Plus is an application that was not developed or authorised by WhatsApp”

This clearly shows that the developers of WhatsApp gold have no relationship to WhatsApp, and they do not support WhatsApp Plus or Gold.

WhatsApp Inc. warn users that the scam app can pass private information to third parties without your knowledge or authorisation.

Screenshot of the suppose App

Screenshot of the suppose App

WhatsApp Inc. advises users to immediately uninstall the unauthorised app, and forces them to wait 24 hours before they can use the real WhatsApp again to avoid being ban.

The best way to avoid this WhatsApp Gold scam is to not follow the link, download the app or just delete any messages which mention the WhatsApp Gold.

Users are advised to only download app from the Google Play Store or Apple store for IPhone users. Remember if it is too good to be TRUE then its definitely not TRUE.

Tell us what you think or if you have encounter the WhatsApp Gold or seen the message by using the comment form below.

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