Best SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic -2017

They are SEO techniques and practice that you should be practicing if you truly want to increase website traffic and ranking.

We know that Google always change their algorithm always and knowing this will help us to know the Best SEO techniques to practice if really want to increase website traffic.

They are thousands SEO techniques that will help to increase  website traffic and ranking but some are outdated and no longer works.

This post focus on the Best SEO techniques you should practice in 2017 if you want to increase website traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO Techniques to increase websites traffic

According to MOZ, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Best SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic

If you are a blogger or a website owner, a business owner in search of new investors the below SEO techniques will help you to increase website traffic and gain a lot of visitors/customers.

Optimize your content for Mobile

Technology has made our phone smarter and our content is useless if it is not optimized for mobile. Today, about 86% of internet users visit using a smart phone.

So, if you did not optimize your content for mobile that means you are telling 86% internet users not to consume your content. It is as simple as that.

Despite how you feel about mobile taking over our internet, it is certain that there is no going back. Smart Phones has come to stay and will, knowing this will make you optimize your content for mobile.

This can be achieved by using a mobile responsive template on your blog/website to be certain your sites are mobile friendly.

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Write, Write and Write Good Content

The only SEO techniques that does not change over the year not minding algorithm change is good content.

Yes, you have heard of the saying that says CONTENT is KING! So start writing and writing good content that is consumable by others.

Avoid copy and paste from other websites and blogs, carry out your own research and write meaningful and readable stuff.

One key in succeeding as a blogger or writer is to keep writing and writing good stuff.

Link to Authority Sites

One of the best SEO techniques or Search Engine optimization tool is Links. When writing try to target high quality websites and link to.

Linking to low quality website may not do you much good or may get you penalized.

They are SEO tools you can use to know these high quality sites like Alexa Ranking System.

Also try to do internal linking to your own post to engage visitors and reduce your bounce rate.

Focus on SEO

SEO technique that will help you to increase your website is not a onetime thing.

Like I mentioned earlier that Search Engine Algorithms change frequently, what works last year may be penalized this year.

SEO techniques is a long term commitment and need you to be focus so as to understand what might have changed.

Patience when applying SEO Techniques

SEO techniques is not an instant result, to see your results or effort can take months so be patient don’t build and destroy that is not working within weeks.

Question Search engine optimization Experts | Company

If you need to employ an SEO expert or company to handle your Search Engine Optimization, you should be aware of what kind of methods the company or expert use.

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Also ask if there is any risk involved in such method, go online and research about the method, the company or expert and what tactics they use.

Learn SEO Yourself

To perfectly understand SEO technique you have to learn How Search Optimization works even when you are using experts or company.

If you want to do it yourself, you should become a an search engine optimization student and learn as much SEO technique.

They are lot of SEO technique resources available on the internet, explore and read, read again and read more.

Use Web Analytic

You need web analytic in your websites so as to be able to monitor what works and what is not working.

They are plenty web analytic to use but I will advice if you should use Google Web Analytic.

Judge your Website

If your plan is to show on the first page of google then judge your own website.

Question yourself if your website is among the top ten in that niche? Be honest to yourself, If your answer is “No” then make it better.

Re-Publish Old Content

They may be good posts you made that is just sitting in your archive over the years. its time to help yourself by re-publishing them and boost your search engine optimization.

Don’t just post your old posts in a new window and publish, no that’s not what I mean; you have to edit them or cut them into different posts or topic and publish them.

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Make your Content Easy to Share

There is no doubt that social media is a good way to drive traffic to our blogs/websites.

Make your content very easy to share by readers as these will increase audience that your content reaches and in turn increase your web traffic.

Use SEO-friendly URLs

Don’t allow your Urls to be auto generated using your post title, manually use keywords in your URLs and file names. URLs is read by bots and not humans so optimize it for bots to truly understand and index it.

Use Unique/Relevant Title and Meta Description on Every Posts

The post title is the most important on-page SEO technique. It is difficult to rank for a keyword without them being on the post title

The meta description on the other hand won’t help your ranking, but will appear as text snippet below your post title in search engine results.

It shows a preview of what the post is all about and encourage searchers to click on your link.

Install SEO Tools/Plugins

Charity they say begins at home, and on-page search engine optimiation is the number thing to do before going off page. they are several SEO tools to use in on-page SEO techniques but i will recommend is YOAST Search Engine Optimization Plugin for WordPress.

Having read this, don’t just sit and do nothing, now is the time to work. I will advice you to read How to Make Money Blogging | Online

Have any question please feel free to ask us using the comment button.

We love comment, tell us what you think about Search Engine Optimization.


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