Nigeria Zip Code. What is Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria Zip Code

Nigeria_zip_code_sixkoboLast week, we wrote about Nigeria Postal code and some of our regular readers, ask us to write about Nigeria Zip Code.

Most people confuse Postal code and Zip code mostly when filing form online, so relax as we well clear the confusion now.

This post does not just include or answer the question of what is Nigeria Zip Code? It answer so much so read fully.

What is Zip Code?

A Zip Code also known as Zone Improvement Plan” is a group of five to nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist sorting of mail, parcels etc.

For your information, Zip codes ONLY apply to the United States. The US does not regard postal codes from other countries as ZIP codes.

Other countries, postal codes are used in sorting parcels but in the US Zip Codes are use for the same purposes other countries use postal codes – Including Nigeria.

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In Nigeria, we have problem filling forms online or buying goods to be shipped because they require Zip codes and not postal codes.

How do we fill form successfully online when ask to input zip code? That brings us to the question below.

What is Nigeria Zip Code?

Yes the purpose of this post is to educate our readers about what is Nigeria Zip code or what to use when filling online form.

Some people form the habit of using 234 or 23470 or 23480 when filling form online, please stop if you are among them.

Others will even search on google for phrase like

what is Nigeria’s ZIP Code, Correct Nigeria ZipCode ,nigeria zip code 23401, nigeria zip code 234, zip code for abuja, ogun state zip code, nigeria zip code 23402, delta state zip code, nipost nigeria zip code, edo state zip code there is nothing like that.

Nigeria has a unique Zip Code, so whenever you are filling form online just use, 23401, 110001, or 00176 it will be accepted.

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NOTE: There is nothing like Abuja Zip code, Lagos Zip code, Edo state Zip code, Delta state Zip code, Portharcourt Zip code, Kano Zip code, Kaduna Zip code, Warri Zip code, Calabar Zip code, Asaba Zip code Onitsha Zip code, Imo state Zip code, Benin City Zip code e.t c.

Irrespective of the State you are in Nigeria, just use the general Zip code 00176, 110001 or 23401 as Nigeria Zip Code.

But for Nigeria Postal Code you can search for your State Postal Code HERE which is different from each States in Nigeria.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any question.

Share with friends and family too to educate them, they will be glad you did.


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