Nigeria Postal Code for Lagos, Abuja and Other States

What is Nigeria Postal Code for States in Nigeria?

img_20161029_094644Nigeria Postal code is a six digits numbers that are divided or coded Into three (3) part for easy locating.

The first digit of the Nigeria Postal Code is the region (Nigeria postal code is divided into 9 regions), the second and third digits plus the first are the dispatch district sorting while the last three digit are for delivery purpose.

Having know what is Postal Code we are going to list the postal code of all States in Nigeria. For example Lagos postal code is (Lagos Island) 101001 and (Lagos Mainland) 100001 while Abuja Postal Code is 900001.

Before listing all the Nigeria States postal code let us look at what postal code is used for or the important of the Nigeria Postal code.

Reason for Nigeria Postal Code

Sometimes goods, letters, parcels are shipped to Nigeria and most of them will not arrived their right destination because of wrong postal code.

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To avoid such situatuon of lost parcel, letters etc knowing the right postal code will solve such loss from happening.

Though, Some people confuse International Dialing code (+234) as Postal code or use Nigeria Zip Code while others think all state in Nigeria has same Postal code.

Below is the list of postal code for states in Nigeria just search for your state an use accordingly.

List of Postal Code for Nigeria States

  • Abuja 900001
  • Abia 440001
  • Adamawa 640001
  • Akwa-Ibom 520001
  • Anambra 420001
  • Bauchi 740001
  • Borno 600001


  • Delta 320001
  • Ebonyi 840001
  • Edo 300001
  • Enugu 400001
  • Imo 460001
  • Jigawa 720001
  • Kano 700001
  • Kaduna 800001
  • Katsina 820001


  • Kebbi 860001
  • Kogi 260001
  • Kwara 240001
  • Lagos (Island) 101001
  • Lagos (Mainland) 100001
  • Niger 920001
  • Ogun 110001
  • Ondo 340001
  • Osun 230001
  • Oyo 200001
  • Plateau 930001
  • Rivers 500001
  • Sokoto 840001
  • Taraba 660001
  • Yobe 320001

You can also visit Nigeria official Postcodes websites @


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