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If you search the above topic on google you will see over a Million post on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria written by different people, some will promise you quick ways to make money which to my understanding, there’s no quick way.

I believe in the school of thought that says “Hard work Pays” that does not mean there’s no way to make money online so relax whike i show you the different ” Legitimate ” ways you can earn big online if you commit your time to it

Let’s take a quick look on ways that work in Nigeria that we can use to earn money online.

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Information Marketing
  4. Online Freelancing
  5. Google AdSense and more.

Before I start to expose the secret on how to use the above method(s) to make money, let’s start by knowing …

Why Should One Start an online Business?

They are many reasons why I will advice anyone to start an online business, some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Zero or Small Start up capital: An inline business is the easiest business you can start with Low or in some case it requires zero start up capital… Linda Ikeji Blog but today she’s making Millions on a monthly basis.
  • Work Almost Anywhere you like: As an online entrepreneur, you can chose to work anywhere you like or SRT up your system and Just monitor your earnings.
  • No Close of Business: As an online business man you are open 24 horlur everyday if your site can accept payment or you write your account details down.
  • It saves Cost: You can save a lot of cost from doing online business like rentage, Transportation maintenance and other cost as may arise.
  • More Customer: Doing an offline business will bing customers that are just in your locality but an online business will attract customer from any at if the country.
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Having known some benefit f doing online business let’s start how to make money from them.

Blogging : Blogging is one of the ways to make money online easily in Nigeria and like I mentioned earlier you can start with a little money if you going to host your own blog or use Google Blogspot for free.

Blogging is very easy to start up and you can blog about anything from Entertainment, Politics, Education, Technology (Phones &Laptops) music and video download etc.

You can also blog about anything you know like giving lesson on how to bake cake, chin chin, How to make any type of soup, dish etc, tie gele, about keeping fit or about  hygiene just anything. Just look for any thing you can write about well and start.

  • Online Freelancing: This is very easy to start and it requires no Kobo to start.

Freelancing is doing any service online for people and got paid for such service, like writing or designing for client.

They area free freelancing site where you can register and post any service  you can regiser and got hire and paid very well.

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Site like, etc and they pay well too and uses Payoner card  to pay you for services.

  • Affiliate Marketing: This is a referal  based service system. It simply means you refer people to buy what they already need and get a decent commissionfrom the sales.

Commission here can range from 10% – 50% depending on product and Price can be up to or over a N500, 000. To do this you have to own  blog and register with an Affiliate marketing company.

  •  Information Marketing: Information they say is power, without being informed you will be deformed. Information marketing has been one of the best ways tonmake money online in Nigeria.

Some people will package this free information you reading and sell it as EBook to others .

You can write and  package just any information you know people are looking and package them as EBook, Video , softwware and sell to them at a good cost.

  • Google Adsense: For bloggers AdSense is one cool way to make good money online monthly but it requires you to rank pretty well.
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That’s having at least 50k pageview before you can make good money with it.


What Is Google AdSense?

According to Wikipedia,Google AdSense is a program that allows publishers to serve advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

Its simply means a website or blog owner displaying ads on his/her website or blog for visitors to see and he/she get paid per Click..

Having mentioned the above ways we can earn legimately online the ball is in your court now, just choose anyoone and start.

Stay tune for more ways we can use to earn or make  money online

If you have any question or assistance pls do let us know by commenting and we will try our best to solve it.

Don’t close without leaving a comment.


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