Make Money! 5 Secret or Step to Making Money

There are simple secret that you should learn about making money if you desire to make money and be rich.

I laugh most times when I read online on How to Make money overnight or become a millionaire in 3 days without working or investing.

There is no lazy ways to make or quick way to make money on earth except quick way to spend money or loose money.

Making money has a pattern and a secret and knowing such secret to make money is what differentiate a rich man from a poor man.

That is what this post is all about. There is no one born to be poor, some just choose to be poor by eating up their maize (corn) instead of replanting some (investment).

To a poor man who haven’t discovered the secret to make money, money to him is a God but the rich people see money as slaves.

Yes they see money as slave who will work for them to bring more slaves to them.

Just relax as I will open your eyes to the secret you should know if truly you want to make money or become rich.

5 Secrets to Make Money

Naira1. Savings

The first secret of being rich or making money is saving. Cultivate the habit of saving from any income that comes tour way.

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According to George Clarson, Money come gladly and in increasing quantity to those who save.

Just make it mandatory to save atleast 10% of all your income. Any amount you receive, try and save 10% of it and watch your income grow.

Stop acting like a poor man by wanting to prove to your friends that you ain’t poor when little income comes your way.

2. Investment

Apart from saving regularly from every income you earn, also learn how to invest those savings and make them work for you too.

Invest those savings because Money Labour diligently for the owner who find for it profitable employment multiplying just as the flocks of the field.

Make it a habit of investing those savings to work for you, money is a willing slave that work for us to give us more willing slaves.

The different between a poor man and a rich man is that the rich man don’t just save his money, he invest in profitable or viable business.
Check the richest people on earth or in Nigeria  they all invest in one or two business.

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3.Invest Wisely

Hold your money dear to yourself, because we mentioned investment that does not mean you should invest in just anything.

Money hold tightly to the cautious owner just as it flees from the careless owner, invest under a very good advice of wise people who know how to handle money.

Learn to start investing in meaning things not the likes of MMM, HYIP, MLM. or any Ponzi Scheme. Invest wisely on things worth investing.

Risk is good but as a young investor pls don’t invest on too much risk stuff, look for wise people doing business and invest in what they have started already.

You can also give them money to boost their business and ask for a percentage, that’s investment.

Just avoid investing on get rich quick stuff

4.Invest Cautiously

Investing cautiously is one of the secret of making money easily. Money Slip away easily from the man who invest it in businesses or purpose with which he is not familiar with nor approved by those who have knowledge in it.
So to avoid your money from slipping away from you, invest in a business you are familiar with and also do research on such investment.

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5. Be careful of Scam when Investing

Nigeria as it is now, they are over 1000 scheme currently promoting on how to make money. Just be careful.
Apart from MLM, HYIP and Ponzi Schemes, they are other bad ways of investing like gambling etc.

Some also advice that Bet9ja, Nairabet , Surebet are sure ways to make money,

Honestly its just a wrong information.
Money flee from the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who follow the advice of tricksters and schemers or who trust in his own inexperience.
Instead of investing in MMM to get 30% of your investment while not research the kind of business that will earn you same amount and relax make your money peacefully?

These are some tips to make money easily and quickly without fear of loosing anything.

From the above the chief thing us investment. So if you want to make money then invest and invest wisely and cautiously.

Thanks for reading for any question do let us know by commenting. Remember to share with friends and family


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