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One of the greatest issue  of every man is not knowing how to make love to a woman.

What really happen is that men get their advice on how to make love from friends or from watching adult movies which may not be real and as such they have a wrong perspective of what making love actually is all about.

To know how to make love, you should learn and master a good way that is guaranteed to give your woman an intense pleasure.

In this post, we will be explaining  five methods that has work for great people and have improve their Love life and turn them to an Alpha male

Put her in The Mood

Firstly, to have a good love life , you have to set up the right kind of environment which can put your lady in the mood and also improve her pleasure.

To turn your lady up, its not all about darkening the room or lighting up some scented candles and turning on a good music alone.

You should first create a scenario, a world that’s all her and this starts IN THE MORNING when you both wake up.

You don’t expect to spend all he day watching movies or on the internet or hanging out with friends thereby ignoring her totally and think candles will work magic.

Leave her a love note before going to work, complement her on how beautiful she look , Kiss her before running off to work then she will think of you all day long,

While at work take a few minutes to send her a flirty message, call and remind her you miss her, be a gentle man and thoughtful, she will will do the same for you.

Use Foreplay

The great mistake men makes is trying to rush in at every slightest opportunity, calm down, its not a marathon and nobody will give you a gold medal for winning.

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Take things slow as Foreplay is one of the most important things to master when it comes to learning how to make love to a woman.

Engaging in foreplay is the best way to turn from that conversation cloud to a different cloud and world entirely so please take it easy.

Normally foreplay involves kissing, petting, smooching, cuddling etc, and these pass a great sensual massage to both of you.

The law here is to focus on her pleasure, what works for her and start building up.

Go Oral

One of the best to please a woman is by going oral on her ,  one proven way to make great love is by going oral on your lady,

After foreplay, you need to switch to oral,  as usual start slowly with your tongues and fingers and watch the way she wriggles and call you those sweet names.

Many women like different things when it comes to oral, so take your time to experiment various techniques that works for her and drive her crazy.

When you notice she gets more excited just continue to do whatever is making her to go gaga.


After you have turn her real on from going oral, don’t rush into the main biz now be unpredictable as she will be expecting you to go in but don’t.

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This is a good time to start to tease her and make her to predict your all your  next move wrongly.

Instead of going right in at once, you should tease her. Apply the start and stop technique and keep going like that.

Start slowly and stop keep doing this till she goes crazy and pull you inside her by herself.

Start Gently and Build Up Pleasure

Now that you have started, it’s important to change speed and and positions, observe closely the position that works well for her and focus on her pleasure and be sure she is enjoying herself.

Master the act of building up speed and then just go back to slow and sensual pace it really works.

Keep this pattern of going fast and slow till both of you become exhausted from pleasure.

Learning how how to make love to a woman is an important skill for every man, if you can master the following five points i explain above in this post then you will become the best lover and an Alpha male to her.

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All you need do do is to start practicing yoir nee skill and learn fast to master it.

Till i come your way again, if you have any question, please do let us know by commenting and also shsre with friends on social media by using the buttons below.


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