Important Things to Take to NYSC Camp

It is no longer a news that Call up later has been released for NYSC Batch B Corp Members.photogrid_1479795270143

As such, thousands of graduates from all across the countries will be heading to various camps to commence the one year service to our fatherland.

It is good to mention here that they are important documents that you need to come along with to the NYSC camp.

Also they are other important things everyone going to the NYSC camp should take for their personal use as the prize at Mami market is high.

We put together those vital and essential things you need to take to the camp for a smooth ride in the camp.

Below are 15 Important Things to take to the NYSC Camp

1. Call-Up Letter

This is the chief and number one document you need to go along with. You will be required to shoe and submit this document at the camp. Failure to go with it, will result in not being registered.

2. NYSC Green Card

The NYSC green card is the first print out when you first registered. It contains your bio-data and it is needed at the camp to process your registration or Allawee Bank Account.

3. School ID card

Your school ID card, is also very important as it will be required when registering. Just incase, you’ve lost or misplace it, please start looking for a way to get a new one.

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4. Statement of result

The statement of result given to you by your university is also an important document to take along. This will be checked alongside your School ID card. So font ever forget it at home.

5. Foreign Graduate – All Registration Document

Foreign trained graduates are expected to come with the original credentials you uploaded to the NYSC Portal for physical verificatiom. You will not be allowed to register if you fail to bring the above.

6. Photocopies of All your Documents

Photocopying in the camp is very expensive and also time consuming. It is advised to come with photocopies of all your documents to avoid rushing.

Some people may advice you to take 10 or more photocopy, it won’t hurt though but 5 Copies is okay.

7. Passport Photographs

Passport Photographs is important as you will be submitting them in different places. 

To avoid paying high cost in camp, it is advice to take atleast 10 passport photographs on red background.

If you have access to a created vest, you can take passport with a sky blue background, you will also need this after camp.

8. Medical Students

Medical graduates (Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Lab Scientists etc) are advice to come along with their extra Licenses and certification.
This include their certificates of registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and for pharmacies with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.

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9. White Round Neck T-shirts

This will be given to you at camp but please don’t hope on it as you will regret the quality and shape.

The Round Neck White Tshirt is very important as it is the only shirt you will be allowed to wear except Sunday Morning.

10. White Shorts

White Shorts with the White T-shirt above plus the sneakers below makes you a complete White Fowl which of course you are as an Otonodo.

Same rule as the White T-shirts.

11. White sneakers and socks

The white sneakers are a very important part of your camp outfit. In camp you will be given one but of a low quality.

It will be what you we be allowed to wear everyday so it is advised to buy a rubber white shoe for easy cleaning and drying.

12. Rechargeable Flashlight

In Nigeria, there is no constant light talk mote of NYSC orientation camp. It is advisable to have your own flashlight so you can find your way at night when it is dark.

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13. Essentials

In addition to the above you will also need a bathroom slippers, buckets, padlocks,(for keeping your bag and stuff safe), waist pouch for your items like phones, money, meal ticket etc.
All these can be gotten at the Mami market usually found in almost every camp but price are high.

14. Provisions

Camp food is not what one should rely on although it doesn’t hurt if you do like I strictly rely on it during my time.

It is advised to get a little provision that you can use to relax in the afternoon before the bipolar will sound Chop Chop Corpers.

15. Bedsheet

As you are aware that you are not the first person to use the foam in camp so it is advised to take your own bedsheets or bedcovers.

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Happy Camping!


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