How to Start a Blog and Make Money Easily in 2017

As we all know that one of the best way to make money online is to Start a Blog.

Looking for information on How to start a Blog and make money in 2017 Look no further because we have all the answer you need.

You are on the right place as I created this article to give beginners guide on How to create, manage and make money from blog.

This post explains the necessary steps in starting a good and successful blog with no technical experience required.

That is you can start a blog today without having to learn HTML or waste your time searching and reading long tutorials.

This post on How to Start a Blog in 2017 will take less than 20 minutes, so get your tea or juice, sit back and enjoy.

NOTE: Remember that at any time if you get stuck or need questions CONTACT ME or ask your question using the Comment section.

6 Basic Steps on How to Start a Blog and monetize it

  1. Choose your Niche
  2. Choose your Blogging Platform
  3. Pick a Domain Name and Host
  4. Install WordPress/Design
  5. Get Traffic to your Blog
  6. Make Money from your Blog

How to Choose your Niche

Choosing a niche is the first step to take in starting a blog. Niche is simply choosing the particular topic you want to write about.

A niche blog is a blog that revolve around a particular subject like education, tutorials, Blogging tips, making money, Politics, entertainment, Phones and computers, Health and fitness etc.

Before you start a blog you must first understand and consider what others will like to read and not what you want to write about.

Although, blogging is about writing for others, you should also consider what you have passion and knowledge to write about.

Below are simple guides on choosing your own blog niche that will attract readers to your blog. I will not write much on them just a tip to choose your niche.

Tips in Choosing Blog Niche

  1. Readers want to Solve Problems – Thank God for internet as many people are searching for solution on How to solve day to day problem, eg, relationship, marriage, childbirth, Computer, Phones, and a lot more.
  2. Write to Entertain PeopleAll work and no play makes the job boring. So look for a way to write and entertain readers.
  3. People want to Learn New Things – Why not go ahead to write and teach them innovative things.
  4. People want to Achieve a Goal – How did that fat lady now become slim, do you know why? Why not write about it so that many people that want to achieve that will read your blog (Health and Fitness).
  5. Readers want to know what is Happening around them: Yes, even me that is writing this post need to know what is happening in Nigeria, US, Uk or Hollywood, Nollywood etc. what happen to my celerity actress and actor. Why not write about them.
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Like I said, I won’t write more about it, just think outside the box if you want to start a blog today. You can read more on How to Choose a Niche for your Blog | Website.

How to Choose your Blogging Platform start-a-blog

The second step in starting a blog is to choose your blogging platform from the countless platforms online.

Blogger is also a good platform to start a blog but you don’t have control over it. If you want to take blogging serious/career you need to use in creating your blog.

WordPress is flexible and very easy to use in creating blog even if you don’t have knowledge of HTML.

Apart from the fact that over 75 million people use WordPress they have plugins that will help you fix your site easily without writing a single code.

ADVICE: WordPress has 2 options which are:

  • Hosted WordPress Blogs which is FREE (
  • Self-hosted WordPress Blogs PAID ( recommended

Self-hosted costs a little bit of money, but will give you much more control and flexibility, catchy domain name, instead of or, it will be

Easy to remember and also looks professional. Why you should Choose a WordPress

How to Pick Domain Name | Host

This is a very exciting stage in starting a blog as this stage may affect other things if choosing wrongly.

What is Domain? A Domain is the address that differentiates your site from others. For example Facebook Domain is Mine is

What is Web Hosting? Web hosting is the home of your blog address and content that that you write and share on your blog. Without a Hosting plan you cannot use your domain.

How to Choose a Domain Name

  • Choose Domain that is easy to remember.
  • Choose a .com or .ng if possible.
  • Your Domain should be easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Do not use hyphens, numbers or confusing words.
  • Not sure on what to use? Use your name like Lindaikeji
  • Be creative or combine two or more words but keep it simple.
  • Read a detailed post on How to Choose a Good Domain Name.

In choosing a good host, only two things matters, they are:

  • Page Speed – This is the average amount of time (in seconds) it takes your blog to load.
  • Uptime – Choose a host that is 99.9999% online or possibly choose 100% if available.
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For more Information on Read the Best Web Hosting in Nigeria to Choose

How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous

After choosing a domain name and host, paid and giving a Cpanel login details, the next step is to install wordpress and start blogging.

Softaculous is a great addition to cPanel, which allows users to install the great open source software with just a few clicks.

To install a script using Softaculous, please do the following:

  • Open your Cpanel and Login


  • Click on the Softaculous Icon in the softaculous section.
  • The Softaculous Panel will open on your end. To install WordPress click on the name of the application. You will see the page below:
  • On the new page you need to fill in the installation details like domain name, installation directory, administrative login details, etc.

By default Softaculous will select WP and it will attempt to install the application in a sub-folder instead of the main domain.

If you want the new installation to be on the main domain please leave the In Directory field blank.

Change the default login details admin/admin to something else. This way you will be sure that a hacker cannot guess the login credentials. Please double check all details and then proceed.

To install the script scroll down to the end of the page and click the Install button, Usually this takes less than 15-30 seconds to finish installing all applications.

However, some of the apps are bigger and their installation may need some more time.

When everything is configured the Softaculous installer will display a page with links to your newly installed application. Click them and you should see your new website and the administrative area of the software. For detail Visit  Source: Whogohost

Afrter the installation completes, you will be sent an email with your login information, including an Admin URL.

To login to your blog, just click the admin URL. Incase you forget this URL, it is simply (where yourblog is your domain name).

After Login in to your wordpress site, you will see the below image start-a-blog

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

  • Dashboard – This shows you an at-a-glance look at your recent activity, including how many posts, comments and pages you have. You can also write up a quick draft blog post here.
  • Posts – This is where you will click if you want to add a new blog post or edit an existing one.
  • Media – This is the library of all the pictures, videos, and audio files you’ve uploaded to the site. You can manage all of those items here.
  • Pages – This is where you can add a new permanent page – like a services or contact me page (not a blog post!) and manage the pages you’ve already created.
  • Comments – This is the place you will want to go to manage comments. You can see which comments are waiting for your approval, review comments you’ve approved, see which comments WordPress has labelled as spam and delete comments you don’t want.
  • Appearance – this is where you can edit your blog’s design and install new themes and layouts. I show you exactly how to do this a little later in the page.
  • Plugins – This is where you’d click if you wanted to install a new plugin, like a photo gallery or SEO tool.
  • Settings – This is the last section you need to know about. Here, you can change your site’s title and tagline, edit your email address and manage all of your site’s important settings.
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How to Get Traffic to your Blog

Now that everything has been step up, the next step is to start writing posts so as to get traffic to your blog.

There is no magic here, you have to be serious if you want to succeed in blogging, just keep writing and posting good content.

As we all know that low website traffic is the most common challenge that webmasters, bloggers or business owners complain about all the time.

The question is how do you drive traffic to your new blog? I will just give you a summary below:

  • Optimize your Content – Robot.txt, sitemap.xml, Fresh content, internal linking etc
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Guest Posting
  • Guest Posting
  • Submitting your blog to web master and directories etc.

Read the full post on driving traffic to your site. Once you get a good traffic you can start talking about monetizing your blog.

How to Make Money from your Blog

The main reason that some people start a blog is to make money from it otherwise just few people will waste time and resources sharing knowledge with you.

So how do you monetize your blog? or Make Money from Blog?

There are number of ways to make money with your blog like advertising, review, Digital products, Affiliate marketing etc. Click for Detail post on How to Make Money from Blog.



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