How to Make Money Online: The Raw Truth. Part Two

Yesterday we made a post on How to Make Money Online: The Raw Truth – Part One and today we will be writing the continuation.

I Will advice anyone who didn’t read the Part One to go ahead and do say by following the link above as it will really help you.

In Part One, we reveal the raw truth on How to make móney online mostly for Nigerians.

Today we will be looking at some of the things you need to have or to know if you really want to  start learning How to Make Money online.

Some of the things I will be mentioning is not a must but they are tools or resources that may reduce your workload.

How to make Money online: Key Point to Note

The following are the key points to Note.

1. You Need to Invest “Wisely” to Make Money

The experts will tell you that you can start making money virtually over night if you just get some traffic to your website or start affiliate sales.

The truth (like I mentioned in Part One) is its a BIG FAT LIE. They are just trying to sell you their eBook or get you to sign up for their Affiliate Host.

The CPA and affiliate marketing space is crowded.

There are so many people trying to make money and 90% of them don’t stand a chance.

Don’t get me wrong, there is money to make online but Who makes all the money? They are:

  • Those that have money to spend and invest.
  • Investors that have the coin to invest in proper SEO and control the top of the PPC results.
  • And those that are spending crazy money on Facebook ads and every other traffic source that produces results.

Understanding that you need money to make money online (even offline) is the first step.

2. Don’t Try Every Method. Just Focus

We see it all the time online where people are trying to build a blog and monetize it with AdSense, the next day they are asking about building a review website and then a few days later they want to build Facebook or I Instagram accounts.

Enthusiasm is great and wanting to venture into different areas is a nice idea but it doesn’t lead to success.

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If you venture into everything you are definitely going to fail.

To succeed online you need to pick one thing to focus on and spend all your time learning everything you can about it.

Find one thing that you are interested in and focus on it. Don’t bounce around between several different ways.

You have to dedicate all of your time and focus on one project at a time, especially when you are starting.

Look at the best online earners in the game. They are experts in one area usually. That is how they become so successful.

They were not all over the place trying to do it all,t that’s focusing on everything. They master one thing and continue to evolve with it.

3. Don’t Expect Instant Results

This one really kills me and it is amazing how many people expect to make money overnight or even in their first month.

Although, I blame a lot of the self acclaimed guru crap that is online who sell eBooks teaching How to Make Money Online.

They want their “sheep followers” to think that they can make Million of Naira year and drive a nice car if they just buy their N3000 ebook or invest N70k and just rest.

If you spend some time to get to know some of the experienced people who have succeeded online you will know that they failed more times than they succeeded.

Some didn’t start to make money for several months but they knew if they kept learning and kept moving forward they would eventually find success.

This also goes back to the first point about needing money to make money.

In the beginning your regular job is in place to pay your expenses and support your family while you keep learning How to make money online.

If you don’t have that safety net the stress will cause you to panic and make bad choices.

When you have that side job and you know your expenses are covered you can learn and suck in info at your own pace.

But everyone wants to make money online quickly but that is not how it works.

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You need to learn, read and figure it out at your own pace. With your expenses covered you don’t NEED instant results.

4. Don’t Give Up Easily on any Method

If you search online you will see many people complaining that a particular method doesn’t work. How many times have you heard people saying the phrases

“PPC sucks, it works before,
“SEO is dead.. it no longer work”
“Affiliate marketing is dead.. it doesn’t work!”
“Email marketing also is dead.. it doesn’t work!”

Hope you understand,

Why do these people say that something doesn’t work?

Simply, because they don’t give it enough time before they quit. They expect instant results and quit before they figure it out.

If making money online was easy wouldn’t everyone be working from home or working from some exotic location enjoying all the goodies of life.

You should be thankful it is not easy. Working online and making a living online is very hard. Did I mention this yet?
Hard is what makes it Great because if it’s easy then everyone would be doing it.

Just like a professional footballer trains every time someone with goals of making money online needs to read, study, test every time too.

If you want it bad enough you have to put your head down and DO THE WORK.

Go into online money knowing that you are not going to quit. You will eventually figure it out if you just promise yourself that you will NEVER give up.

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.

How to make money online:

5. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Once you pick one way to make money online, you need to make sure you diversify as much as possible.

Strategies in Making Money Online is not Static. It is always changing and need continue updates.

For example, if you want to start a blog about something and you have selected the following ways to monetize your website:

  • AdSense- ad blocks throughout the site
  • ClickBank offers – offers mixed in your blog posts and will send offers to your email list
  • CPA offers – offers mixed in your blog posts and will send offers to your email list

So, you want to push as much traffic to your blog as possible with the goal of them clicking on Adsense ads, clicking on your affiliate links in the content or joining your email list through some kind of offer.

Must Read  How to Make Money Online: The Raw Truth. Part One

You need to find a huge traffic sources as possible. that way you won’t lost when one way of driving traffic just disappears.

A few traffic sources you would want to look into will be:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Facebook Ads
  • Guest Blogging
  • Media Buys etc.

This way if a Facebook update kills your traffic overnight you can just increase your other traffic source(s).

If you put all your eggs in one basket and spent all of your time and money on SEO you would be at 0 level the minute that update killed your SEO.

Treat Making Money Online Like a Real Business

This is where a lot of people make mistakes.

People think they can work when they want and be successful too.

Sorry that is not a real business.

What do you think will happen if you just showed up to a regular job when you wanted?

You would be fired right?

What would happen if you just left after a couple hours of working?

You would get fired too right?

Honestly, part of making money online is the ability to work from anywhere in the world and not work as many hours.

It is up to you to determine how much you work and when you work. Some deals will require more work.

I know people with successful online businesses that might work 2 hours a day but they worked plenty of 20 hour days when they first started.

Just don’t cut yourself short, be professional. Respond to emails quickly, Address any issues right away, Just like a real business.

Making money online is a real business.

I believe this post has changed you a little on how you view online income?

Hope you will be more dedicated on topics that treat How to make money online?

Stay tuned, subscribe to our blog Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as I will be sharing different methods for you to start earning  steady income online.


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