How to Make Money Online: The Raw Truth. Part One

To Make Money Online or  earn cash online income, it all start with YOU not any method or Google.

Today I will be telling us the raw truth and all it takes to make money online.

They are countless ways to make money online and this is what I will be revealing to my readers in the coming days.

This post may be too much, vague or uninterested to some people but if you truly want to succeed or have a steady stream of online income I will advice you to read to the end.

Lately, I have been a member of some Facebook pages and also read online where people keep posting ways to make money which 99℅ of them are nothing but scam.

Everyday on different forums (local and foreign) someone will make a post asking How to Make Móney Online 

Some people want to start making as low as $5 – $10 daily or some have higher goals of $50 – $100 daily

Others want to know how to make $5,000 within 30 days to pay for some important expenses.

Whichever group you belong, i want to tell you that it is possible to achieve such dream. It all depends on YOU ( Mentality, Dedication, Commitment, Hard-working etc).

I am not eliminating small goals like $5 or $10 per day. Everyone has to start somewhere. What I want isto first teach you or change your view so you can know what it actually takes to reach your goals.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to make $5 daily or $100 daily or if you want to make $10,000 per month to support your family the truth is it all starts with YOU.

So many post online ask for methods, for secrets, for the easy way out to make money online.

Well unless you have the activation key for the Quickteller money generator you will find that there aren’t any “magic secrets” to fill your bank account with money overnight.

I want this post to become a place where every newbie can get a clear reality of what it takes to Making Money Online.

This same info will work for a child in Secondary School that wants extra money and and also for a man in his 30’s that wants to start earning or making money online to support his family.

DISCLAIMER: To Make Money Online is NOT Easy but Possible

Honestly, you have to know from the start that to make money online is hard in the beginning.

What I mean is starting will be very hard and seem like time wasting for you until you have to truly master the techniques.

You need a steady source of income to stay above water and to invest in your online ventures as most of the tools used are not free.
Just a quick advice for anyone that has $0 or N in their bank and has expenses to pay please “GO GET A REAL JOB”.

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Seriously, you will have so much trouble if you don’t have a little egg in your basket to work with and have your expenses Settled.

The majority of people fail because they jump in at the wrong time and expecting to get More Money overnight like the picture below.

It’s not easy like this my brother and Sister but it is possible with hardwork and dedication.

Making money online isn’t something you try to make it in when times are bad or when you urgently need fund.

With such mindset you are setting up yourself for failure. Trust me, just get a job with a steady income and devote your time away from work to making money online.

Is Making Money Online Easy Money?

So many people think/associate online money with easy money. That is so far from the truth. It is hard and Very Hard.

But if you are serious about making money online just follow these guide lines that I will be dropping in the coming days.

Remember they are just my opinion gotten from experience and nothing more, I feel like I have been around long enough and have had enough success online to be able to give my 1kobo at least.

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My goal is to truly see you succeed online and I will not ask you for a Kobo to buy anything.

Undiluted Truth about ebook sellers

So many “making money online” blogs, eBook sellers and Ponzi Schemes make it seem very easy. Why?

Because they want the newbiess to sign up for their hosting affiliate offers and others and buy all of their eBooks or pay some money and they disappear. Lol, no offence but MMM and Ultimate Recycler comes to mind.

The truth is that all these self proclaimed gurus telling newbies they can make millions online with just 2k, 3k or 70k, please run away from them.

The reality of earning a steady income online is what I will be revealing to you.

This is just the Part One of the raw truth about making money online.

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Where I will be revealing some hidden truth as this one is just an eye opener.

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