How to Get a Free US Number in Nigeria

How to Get a Free US Number to make and Receive Calls, send and receive Unlimited SMS to USA and Canada number for  Free.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you on how to get a free customized US number that you can use to carry out your business.

Most website, companies and customers require you to have a US Number before they can transact business with you.

It can also be use to confirm Facebook and other Social network that don’t allow Nigerians to register with their number.

To avoid such barrier we are going to teach you how to get a US number easily in just few steps.

If you also have family and friends in the US you can use the US number to SMS freely  and call with them too.

The image in this tutorial is based on Android Users. IPhone users should download from their store and follow the images.

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How to Get US Number Easily

Step 1.

Go to Playstorr or Apple store (IPhone) and download an application called NEXT PLUS. Click HERE to download if Android phone.

Step 2

img_20161110_172628Now that you have downloaded the app, open it and you will see the image above. You can swipe to view all it does or just click sign up.

If you swipe to see stuff the app does. You will see the below image. Just click on Signup Its still same.img_20161110_172740

Step 3


Fill in the space above with your First and last name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email and choose a password. Then check the box “I agree…”

Even when I know you didn’t read the agreement. If you need promotional messages or frreebies then check the next box .

Step 4


The next page will tell you to invite friends blablabla, just ignore first and click maybe later as shown by the arrow.

Step 5


You can now start sending free message or call to USA and Canada numbers free of charge. img_20161110_173128But Hey let’s customize our personal US number to any state in the US we want. Follow the other arrow above and tap the 3 dot.

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Step 6img_20161110_173242


To customize our free US number watch the arrow and tap to get your Free US number. Hold on we are almost there.


Now select any of the State in the United States. Also choose any code of the state as shown by the arrow.

Step 7


Message will pop up showing you your customize number, you can now start texting US and Canada for free.

You can also call any number in the world with the next plus app and receive from any number too.

If you follow the steps by now you would have your own Free US Number. Please kindly leave a satisfactory or appreciative comment below.

You can also share with family and friends so they can call you cheap or you call and text them freely.

If you need further help pls leave a comment below and we will get back to you in less than 5mins.

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Please don’t abuse this App.


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  1. Anonymous

    Can I receive confirmation codes on the number. That’s essentially what I need the number for

    1. SixKobo

      Yes you can Sir, Just input the US Number on the site then when they send you the code, open your app and you will see it as SMS

  2. Bright

    Thanks for the tip
    So I downloaded the app but got stuck at the generating my phone number. It was saying the webpage isnt available. maybe this app has been stopped or so. Please what can i do

    1. SixKobo

      Thanks for stopping by @Bright. To generate your own US Number kindly continue from Step 5 and you will get it. Need any other help, please do let us know

  3. Kenzyblaze

    Can i use the number on whatsapp

    1. SixKobo

      Unfortunately, you can’t use it with WhatsApp

      1. Kenzyblaze

        Any suggestion on which i can use on whatsapp?

        1. SixKobo

          Just keep reading Sir, will post it

  4. Anonymous

    I’m unable to download the app
    Playstore says “its not available for your country “

    1. SixKobo

      That means your country doesn’t support it, you have to use a VPN to change your IP so you can download it.
      By the way which country are you from?

  5. Rex

    Please, how can i change my ip so ℹ can be able to download the App.?

    1. SixKobo

      Thank you for visiting… You don’t need an IP to download just follow the link below

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