Steps On How to Find Job Online in Nigeria

They are different ways to find a job online in Nigeria, we will be looking at 6 simple ways to do that.

1. Use a Job Search Website

Job search websites are the most popular places online for job vacancies to be advertised. They are also very easy to use or navigate.

You can just type in the name of a job or skill in the site search box and a list of current job vacancies and related vacancies will show up.

There is a way to refine your search results by specifying things like whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, Location or salary you are  looking for.

Some professional networking websites also have a job search function, so it is worth widening your search beyond just the obvious big name job search sites.

How to Job Search

I Will show you a few tips for making the most of your online job searches:

Use lots of different sites – Don’t use only one job search site.

Some job search sites specialise in different areas. The more sites you use, the more likely it is that you will find your job preference.

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Use job alerts – You can Set up some favourite searches to your email and you will receive email whenever a new job vacancies that matches your areas of interest.

Use a range of search terms – If you find a job you like while searching, check out the words used in the advert then use exact words for another search.

It might bring up more of the kind of jobs you are searching for.

Apply as soon as you can – Many employers start shortlisting within a week of placing a job advert. The quicker you apply, the better your chances of being called.

2. Create a Job seeker Profile

Instead of advertising jobs, employers sometimes look at resumes uploaded to job search and professional networking sites.

So Creating a job seeker profile and uploading your resume can increase your chances of finding work.

You can also use your job seeker profile to set up job alerts that email you about new job vacancies that match your interests.

Job seeker profiles can be created on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, or on most of the larger job search websites.

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It is a good idea to create a profile on more than one site. This increases your chances of being seen by an employer.

It also means you will get emailed more often about more job vacancies that will be posted. 

3. Check Out Company Websites

If you know a company you would like to work for, check out their website to see if they have a job vacancies page.

You may even be able to submit an application directly through their website.

Keeping an eye on company websites could mean that you find out about a job vacancy before it is advertised on other job search sites.

Some organizations may only list their job vacancies on their own website and not on other job sites.

4. Visit Recruitment Agency Websites

Recruitment agencies work on behalf employers to find and shortlist job applicants.

Most recruitment agencies have their own websites that list job vacancies and allow you to set up a job seeker profile or search for available jobs.

When you find a job on a job search website, check if it is been placed by the employer or a recruitment agency.

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If it is placed by a recruitment agency, note down the name and visit the agency’s website to see other jobs they have listed.

Some recruitment agencies specialise in particular kinds of jobs. Knowing which recruiters specialise in areas you are interested in and makes it easier to find jobs in that area.

5. Search Regularly

If you are serious about finding a job online, you need to form the habit of searching regularly.

Set yourself the goal of looking for work at least once a week, if not more often. The more you look, the more there is to find.

6. Found a Job? What Else?

Now that you have found a job that matches your criteria what else?

Finding a job you want to apply for is just the first step. The next step is to actually apply for it.

Use the post below to learn how to do just that:


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