How to Apply for Job Online Easily

We are aware that many employers and recruiters now allow job seekers to apply for job online through their own websites or through a job search website.

This way make applying for a job a little easier but competitive and if you want your application to succeed, you have to work hard on it.

It is very important to make sure that your application provides all the information that are requested for such post.

They are organizations that only allow you apply for jobs with them every six months, which means if you get it wrong or provide the wrong information you may not be able to change it for a long time. eg, Chevron Plc

We will be showing  a few things to think about, before you start your online application and while you are submitting it.

Before Your Application

They are things you need to know before putting  your application online. Like knowing much about the company you are applying to work with, and what they are actually looking for.

Do Some Research

It is advised to check out the company’s website and read over it carefully. You need to be able to know a lot about the organisation and explain why you want to work for them.

Read Carefully

You have to read the job’s selection criteria carefully. Look out for any key skills or words that are advertised.

Remember that companies now use software to scan your application for certain words or phrases, and if you don’t mention them, your application have slim chance.

Work Offline

After reading, write down your answers to the questions on paper before you start filling the online form.

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This will help you write your application in a more right way. It also means that there is no way you can accidentally submit your application when it is not ready.

Print out the application form and read over it carefully. Write down your answers using pen and paper, or type them out on a word processor, before you start filling in the online form.

This can help you write your application in a more thoughtful way. It also means that there’s no way you can accidentally submit your application when it’s not ready.

Adhere to Instructions

Read the instructions on the application form carefully. If you don’t follow them, your application could be discarded before someone ever gets to read it.

How to Complete Online Form

Below are some things to note when you actually need to fill out an online form

Customize Your Application

You should never submit a generic resume or cover letter as part of any job application, online or offline. It is important customize each job application to suit the job that you are applying for.

Remember that one customized application is rated to a thousand generic ones.

Answer All Questions Asked

This might sound strange  but make sure you are able to answer all of the questions on the form before submitting it.

Once you are done filling the form, take a quick break and then come back and read it over again – you may notice something that you have missed or overlooked earlier.

Give Much Information As Possible

In answering questions or selecting criteria, your answers should not be just simple Yes or No. They should provide much detail as possible, including examples of how you meet the requirements of the job.

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Don’t answer more than the word limits provided and don’t add your answers, make them short and sharp, but still as informative as you can.

Double-Check the Instructions

Be very sure that you followed all the instructions given carefully. If you think everything’s ready to submit, read over the instructions once more before hitting the send button, to be sure you didn’t miss anything.

Don’t Wait till you Exhaust Your Time

It goes without saying that you have to make sure you submit your application on time, but you also need to leave yourself enough time to do a good job. If you start your application early enough, you won’t have to rush things to beat time and your application will be all the better for it.

Check Spelling and Grammar

Before using the Send button you should always cross-check your application for spelling and grammar for any error. Ask others to look at tour application if possible.

Another way of checking for grammar and spelling is to type your answers into a word processing program and run a spell check before cutting and pasting them back and submitting the online form.

Need for Cover Letter

Except the employer or recruiter specifically ask you not to send a Cover letter, you should always add a cover letter when applying for an online job.

Make sure that you address the selection criteria in your cover letter as well as in your resume and the application form.

Remember that  employers now uses recruitment scanning software on cover letters as well as resumes, and if your cover letter doesn’t pass through their criteria your entire application may not make it.

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Read More about How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Depending on the type of application, you may need to attach the cover letter as a separate document, or you type the cover letter into the application form.

File Formats Use in Online Application

It is extremely important to find out what format the employer wants you to use in sending your resume and cover letter, then be sure that you submit them in that exact file format.

Examples of file formats often Asked

Some examples of file formats asked are:

Word documents (.doc)
Rich Text documents (.rtf)
Text documents (.txt)

If any file format isn’t mentioned, its  best to provide a .doc or .docx file.  Most recruitment softwares work best with Word doc format.

Avoid submitting documents as .pdfs  as some recruitment software have hard time reading them.

Email Addresses

Your email address speak volume of you so  before you submit your application, get a professional email address.

For example, your first name and last name with a

Email Addresses
Before you submit your application, get yourself a professional-sounding address. For example, your first name and last name with a “” is more professional than something like

Just little details like that can cause you a huge difference and set you apart from other applicants. So be very careful when using your email.

When you adhere to all of the above you will be surely successfully in your job hunt.

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