Writing Quality content for the Latest Google Algorithm

As webmasters we know that writing quality content on your website will drives organic and paid traffic and also satisfy latest Google Algorithm update.

Google AlgorithmGood content shows where Google place your website in their search engine, and it also shows your trustworthiness in the marketplace.


It is important to note when writing that every article you create is for two audiences: the general public, and the search engines.


To be able to satisfy the former, you must first satisfy the latter.

The question is how do you write quality content that will not be penalized by Google algorithm and make you rank high on Google.

How to Write Content for the Latest Google Algorithm


Google always update their algorithm and below are some of the important things to note when writing if you want to rank higher and beat each Google Algorithm update.


Optimize your content for Google Search Engine


Search Engine is not human and as such cannot personally find out which website is relevant and which website is not relevant.

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What happen is that, Google uses an algorithm that searches keywords and similar phrases.

With these, Google will know what your site is about.


When writing, ensure that your content is properly categorized and properly formatted; this will enable you to rank in first the top of the search results.


When Writing Make Short Paragraphs


One thing in writing that applies to both human and search engine is using short paragraphs.


To optimize your content, divide your ideas into short paragraphs as this will encourage easy ready and also helps Google bots to index your keywords/points.


In a nut shell, write content that user can finish in one reading. That is learn how to summarize your articles and target your readers.


Create Content that people Love to Read


Before you start to write any SEO article that will satisfy Google Algorithm, it is important to ask yourself what’s the purpose of this article, who are the readers of this article etc.

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I have seen some article writers who just create content for no just pump out content for no purpose.

They fail to understand that humans we want to read such article and not just Google Algorithm.


When writing, make sure that you write something that offer value to your readers; what is unique and what cannot be found in any other place.


Do a keyword research


When writing content for your site, endeavor to carry out a keyword research.

Research keywords and phrases people are searching for and write your article having that keyword in mind.


They are so many tools that you can use online to carry out keyword research like SEMrush, Google Adword etc.

Also it’s advisable to target longtail keyword as it will make you rank high.


Use the keywords to write.


Once upon a time, a writer can just research a keyword and start stuffing them in articles but thank to Google Algorithm update which penalize such keyword stuffing.

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It is still a very good practice to include your keyword throughout your article but forcing them into those articles will get you penalized by Google.


Use your keywords in the title of your article, in the first paragraph, and also use them if the article has H1 or H2 (although, not necessary the two but make it appears in one of them).


Other important points to note when writing quality content are:
  • Use your keywords to format your images.
  • Add your keywords to your Meta description. (This informs your readers what the article is about).
  • Add terns related to your keyword in the article.


When you follow the simple rules in this article, you will write quality content that Google loves and will never penalize you no matter the Google Algorithm update in future.


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