About Us

Sixkobo is a blog that is targeted to new Graduates, Youths and everyone who wants to learn something new or start earning a living online.

Sixkobo is here to educate them on how best to face the possible challenges they are likely to face when they embark on such journey.

We also educate graduates on how best to start job hunting, creating charming tools and provide relevant resources for them and others that are  seeking a better career or self sustenance online.

Hold on, that’s not all we do, Sixkobo go extra miles to post some Online income techniques and also SEO tips for those venturing into Blogging.

Our team work hard  to research these post  so as to serve you the best as well as to fish out Scammers as we are aware of their presence.

All work and no play  makes the job BORING so we try to entertain our visitors in different ways.

Our Mission

To help the masses answer 99℅ of question bothering them by consistently Delivering 100℅ Educative and Informative answers tp their everyday question. .

Our Vision

To become the best and the go-to-site for youth and others in general.

Our Values:

Three things bind us which are:

  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Team Work.

Let’s Work Together With You.



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